About Us

Propitup is a small start-up company based out of Southern California.  As the inventor and owner, I’ve been a mechanical engineer for many years working in the aerospace and manufacturing industry.  How does an engineer in the aerospace industry get into making a product for skin care accessories you might ask?  Well, there’s an interesting story to that:

My wife has gone to several skin care classes where her consultant uses the standard mirrors to conduct the classes.  Every time she used the mirror she either had to hunch over and lean in or pick up the mirror and bring it closer to her face.  After enough times of getting annoyed with this, she thought ‘wow there should be a better way!’  Knowing what I do for a living she tells me, “hey you’re an engineer! You should design something that makes these mirrors more convenient to use.  I think a lot of women would love that

Taking this to heart, I designed and prototyped the first few Brackets with a 3D printer and gave them to her consultant to test out.  They were a big hit!!  She asked if she can get some more, and her other girls wanted some too.  Hmm, there’s something to this I thought.  So I put my engineering skills to good use and made the official Propitup Brackets to bring a helpful quality product to you!